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#1 Rated Premium Fungus Phototherapy Device

Can You Really Treat Your Nail Fungus Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Couch? A New Device Makes Toenail Fungus Simple, Easy and Safe to Treat Like Never Before.

16/06/2024 | Joseph Thedford

SUMMARY: France continues to show the world why its healthcare ranks first in the world. Their new phototherapy device is helping countless people with the most stubborn of nail fungi, saving them money, time and liver health, at a time where they cannot spare either of those. 2021 is already starting on the right foot. Order Fungus Therapy Pro now 50% off and with free delivery while it’s still in stock…

Are you suffering from nail fungus? Do you miss your old strong beautiful nails? Are you afraid of taking the anti-fungus pills because of their potential side effects? Well we’ve got good news for you, a new device makes treatment easier and safer than ever before and you can do it from the comfort of your sofa.

2020 has been the worst year for most of us and to top it all off, some of us might have picked up a nasty nail fungus infection, also known as Onychomycosis just to make it all worse.

Maybe we didn’t wear slippers in the public shower, maybe we were just unlucky, but the bottom line is, they are now hideously disfigured and the doctor warns us about the many drawbacks of pharmaceutical treatment while we are frankly ashamed to even take off our socks or gloves.

But 2021 is the year of redemption. A year where we get a new treatment option finally widely and affordably available to the public.

Phototherapy is the future.

This tiny clip box of a device is called Fungus Therapy Pro, fresh from its France-wide release, it’s already returning nails to their old shiny beautiful selves from Normandy to Provence.

Utilizing laser technology that has been used for pain therapy and other chronic conditions and compressed into a small portable form, the Fungus Therapy Pro is revolutionizing nail treatment and some elated users are even calling for a Nobel Prize nomination.

Extremely easy to use, completely painless and fully portable, the Fungus Therapy Pro is just what we needed to start this year on the right fungus free foot.

What Makes Fungus Therapy Pro So Special?

Now we all know the most annoying part of a fungus infection is that not only is it difficult to get rid of and get out pretty smooth nails back, it really likes coming back, putting us in a cycle of worry, shame and endlessly needing to pay for doctors, creams and pills. We just want our old pretty nails back.

The Fungus Therapy Pro changes the game. A device you purchase once that allows you to treat your nails whenever you need, no repeat purchases necessary, just charge it and go.

The device uses an infra-red laser to treat the infected tissues and a blue light to take care of repeated infections, a pincer attack on fungal infections that has proven extremely effective and more importantly, completely painless.

As we compiled the list of benefits over other treatment options, we were of half mind to just stop midway, you don’t even need to go through all of them to realize how easy the choice is:

Completely painless and noninvasive, just put it on and let it roll.

Zero side effects. Phototherapy is one of the safest technologies there are (just don’t put the light in your eyes of course).

Very effective and quick results, get back your beautiful nails.

Rechargeable lithium battery for maximum portability, charged via USB.

905nm infra cold laser treats tissue with not pain.

465nm blue laser disinfects the area.

Automatic turn off after 7 minutes in case you forget or leave it on.

Reusable indefinitely, saving you countless amounts of money on repeat purchases of other one-time use treatments like creams.

Alright, it’s effective, easy to use and safe, those are all fantastic. But how much will it cost you and me? Putting such technology in a nice compact little box can’t be cheap right? Well it turns out the regular retail price is a very affordable. But it gets much better. The global launch of the device has been marked with a massive sale, a full 50% discount and free worldwide shipping!

This device really is nothing short of revolutionary. One of the most disgusting and stubborn problems we can face finally has an effective and easy solution, allowing you to show off your hands and feet again with pride.

There are no reasons to not recommend this device. Heck we are probably joining the camp that advocates for its creators to receive a Nobel Prize for their contributions to our quality of life. There’s really nothing else we need to say. Get it while it’s still on sale!

Conclusion: Should You Get the Fungus Therapy Pro?

Overall Rating


Value of Money

Absolutely 100%!

Do you like having pristine and immaculate and fungus free nails? Then yes. 100%. It’s so easy to use, completely painless and it’s a one-time investment that allows you to treat you nails indefinitely. Just think about the amount of money you save getting this instead of constantly running to the pharmacy. It really is a no brainer, a safe, effective, easy solution that saves you money. Getting a Fungus Therapy Pro is a no brainer. Get it fast before the sale ends!

How to Get Yours?

Now that you’re aware you can solve all your fungi infection problems so easily, you must be itching to get your hands on one of these, so here’re the simple steps:

Step 1: We recommend ordering an original Fungus Therapy Pro from the official site here.

Step 2: Charge it, clip it on your affected nail and let it do its magic.

TIP: The Fungus Therapy Pro is selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before this promotion ends!

James P.


I tried everything, every cream, every home remedy, every fake Chinese voodoo, but nothing worked. The fungus just wouldn’t go away. It even started infecting the nearby nails, it was horrible. I was mortified of going to the beach where everyone could see how terrible my nails were. A friend found this device for me and I was amazed. It treated the problem so fast and if it ever comes back I already have the solution!

Bastian D.


I’ve been using the device for weeks now and I’m still amazed. No pain, no surgeries, no pills, just clip it on my nail and forget about it for a few minutes. And the results are visible so fast!! I can stop wearing gloves to hide my nails! Cannot recommend this device enough.

Ramona L.


I guess fungal infections just run in the family for me. My grandmother had it and she used some pills for it and it actually worked but then she discovered it damaged her liver. When I first got an infection I was absolutely terrified of any cream or medicine to treat it with so the moment I heard about this laser one I jumped right on it. It worked fantastically and I haven’t looked back since.